Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dear little Caspa

We had to say goodby to our little girl Caspa this week.

I didn't realize how much she cleaned up after us! Food scraps fallen on the floor never lasted long with her around. In a house of 2 small boys  now I have to double my vacuuming efforts!

Its amazing how many little habits you form to accommodate them that you continue to carry out after the habits are no longer needed.

Also incredible the many places you expect to see them sleeping, or peeping or wagging about in and you have to look twice when they aren't there.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

DIY Slip cover for a couch

And now for something completly different!
How to make a slip cover for a couch/settee.
So I found these marvellous mid century couches on the side of the road on verge collection day.
Beautiful teak wooden frames, terrible condition...

Re-upolstering them couldn't be too expensive right?  Quotes came in from $3000 - $1,800. Sigh.
Time to get crafty.
After nagging my mum to borrow her sewing machine, she gave me one for my birthday! Score!

1. Make paper pattern of side and inside arm rest panels. I literally held sheets of brown paper onto the sides and traced around them.
2. drape fabric down back and onto where your bottom sits, you could drape all the way down the rear (behind) of seat as well but I wanted this part black.
3. Cut top of arm rest pieces.
4. Place all pieces inside out onto chair. Tuck the large panel into creases. Its better to have more fabric. When you cut pieces, leave around 1cm hem to play with.

4. Pin everything together.
5. Tack stitch everything together. Not entirely necessary but allowed me to remove some pins
6. I marked with chalk where to sew since my hand stitches were a bit off and my seams weren't a perfect 1cm.
7. Sew it all together.
8. Hem the skirt and dress!
Yay! Am quite proud! Thanks go to Ikea for supplying well... everything. The seat cushion was the perfect size so for now, that will do just fine.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Designer birth announcement cards 'Jake'

A lovely combination that works superbly!  
By using the Lucas colours of soft pale blues & beige and combining it with the Elizabeth layout, creates this new design! Love it!