Friday, March 25, 2011

Mini Ink of the month

A new feature!
A beautiful order for Olivia, based on 'Ginger' from our gallery -  pics of the order just before they are packaged up and posted. They look much better in real life!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Love my job!

So, when people say to me at school (after the whirlwind morning of getting kids dressed, dealing with the 'I dont want to go to school' tears, brushing of hair as we walk through the front gates, realizing we have forgotten hats and waterbottles, dashing back to the car - really I could go on, and I am happy to report that Im not the only one who goes through this fairly often!)

"What are you doing today?"
I say; "Im going home to work - not work on the house - but do my job - at home...."

I must admit It takes a little explaining and I would rather say that I'm going shopping, off to lunch etc, etc, going home to work just doesn't have much Pizazz! I must work on a better 'sell' for what I do..

Maybe; "Im off to create something that will make a lot of people happy" - but at 9am after one of 'those' mornings, it usually comes out with a sarcastic edge.

Anyway, I came across another business blog from Duct Tape Marketing and I found a few words that struck a chord:

Love – Thankfully, this a word we can now use in business without being thought weak. Ironically, it takes a great deal more strength to do things in business out of love rather than out of profit, and yet, to do so may be the most profitable methodology you can adopt.
I really love the people I work with and for. I love the people that are drawn to this brand and community and the only way that happens is if you continuously communicate what you believe is important.
'Tis true.
I love what I do....

Now if only school hours could be extended just an extra 30 mins, I could fit in "Watch the tv soaps and eat Tim Tams"...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New designs!

My task for Molly was to combine the colour of 'Mary' from our gallery, with the layout of 'Sidney' and 'Angie'. I love the modern twist with vintage papers!

Elley was created for a lovely returning customer.  I saw the photos and was completely inspired to use the colours in them. Using a blue in a girls card is something I haven't done before but it works a treat. Its my new fave!

Kitty Rose, was custom created for a client that requested the 'Tilly" design but in a rectangle format, and incorporating 3 pics.

The above 2 designs were a play on some chalky colour schemes I came across in a home decorating mag. They appeal to the strong and courageous little personalities! Very different designs that are clean neat and striking.