Saturday, July 23, 2011

Design of the month July - Birthday thank you cards.

A great idea! How about a thank you card to thank guests for their generosity, friendship and love!
I love the fact that these thank everyone individually. there is space to write a short special note on the reverse of these mounted thank you cards. Its personal and it teaches children that gratefulness is something that we should all embrace and encourage.
These were designed especially for this special little girl. The client wanted something black and pink. It really was a joy to be inspired by such spirited photos!

Tooth Fairy!

This is an awesome idea!
I Love letterpress.
I know our local tooth fairy finds it difficult to find places to stash children's lost teeth but cant quite bring herself to throw them out!
It includes a record keeper, a certificate for your child and a tooth holder (to be filed and stored with the tooth fairy)