Saturday, July 10, 2010

Photo tip #3 - When to take the perfect pic...

Here are a few timing tips to think about when you are considering your 'baby photo shoot'

  • Taking first photos in hospitals can work really well. Most babies sleep a lot during the first few days and its easy to move them around without disturbing them, but don't rush to try and get the perfect shot, even the most beautiful babies have temporary imperfections right after they are born. It may be better to wait until those little spots have cleared up and their personality starts to shine through.
  • Make sure baby is not tired, hungry and cranky. Its really hard to get a good photo when they are restless. A rested, fed and content baby is much easier to work with.
  • Sometimes pacifying your model with their dummy can calm them for a little while, then you can gently remove it, take a few pics before they gaet cranky again, and repeat the whole procedure. (it takes time and patience!)
  • As an alternative, photograph while asleep. They are surprisingly durable and resilient to being moved about and a calm relaxed face is beautiful. Its also a lot easier to take photos of hands and feet while asleep.
  • Don't forget to do a last minute model check for stray bits of food or dribble!
  • You may need to try several times over the week especially if you wish to try different outfits and positions.
  • Try to minimize distractions such as other people, the t.v, bright movements etc; so baby can stay focused on your face.